Ignore inflation! Is Powell repeating Greenspan's old ways?
Source: wind information in May, US inflation continued to rise, with the overall CPI rising 5% year-on-year, exceeding the expected 4.7%, the highest growth rate since August 2008. But the most influential figures in the US financial sector have always said that inflation is temporary. Is Powell imitating grispan’s strategy in the 1990s? Last week, U.S. Treasury Secretary John Yellen predicted the arrival of high inflation, but stressed the harm of high interest rates. The main points are as follows: 1) Yellen believes that Biden’s $4 trillion spending plan is good for the United States, even if it will lead to higher inflation and higher interest rates; 2) Before President Biden’s $4 trillion spending plan, inflation in the United States was rampant, and the cost of living in the United States was rising; 3) Because the United States now has 28 trillion US dollars

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