Recently, the crime suspense theme movie “dangerous memory” officially announced its final release on August 6, and simultaneously exposed the final release poster and trailer. It focuses on the hero’s mental journey to break through the mystery, and reveals the shocking plot and many secret wars hidden behind a car accident. The film “dangerous memory” is directed by director Guo Daqun and directed by director Li Xuezheng of Jindun film and Television Center, starring Ding Haifeng, Gan Tingting, Li Bin, Li Donghan, Qiao Qiao, Zhang Yakun and Liu Li’er. Zhou Haodong, Niu Piao, Zhang Xiaojun, Chen Yiheng and other veteran actors are specially invited to perform. The film tells about yuan Xingzhou’s memory loss caused by a car accident. Liu Yang, the captain of the criminal police, investigates and finds out that Yuan Xingzhou’s experience is actually a homicide against him. In the process of Yuan Xingzhou’s step-by-step recovery of memory, all parties began to fall into a puzzle. Who on earth

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