Women's volleyball team issued a severe ticket! The main force of China's strong opponent is suspended, and the hope of winning the championship in Tokyo Olympic Games is slim
The third week of the world women’s Volleyball League is over. The players of the Chinese women’s Volleyball National team can use these days to adjust, because the next four weeks will be more exciting. As several main players of the Chinese women’s volleyball team have returned to the team in the fourth week, their return will greatly enhance the strength of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and the fans also believe that the Chinese women’s volleyball team will play better in the future. This world women’s Volleyball League each team has appeared the obvious change, some teams sent all the main force to participate in the game, some teams have reservation, did not send the main players to play, for example, the strong European team, the women’s volleyball team of Serbia did not send all their main force. The team of Serbia is a youth army, most of the players in this team may not be able to appear in the Tokyo Olympics

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